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2014 Serious Play Conference July 21-24

Here’s the press release for the upcoming Serious Play Conference:

Sessions for university faculty, school administrators and teachers working to improve student engagement though games-based learning will be featured at the fourth annual Serious Play Conference at the University of Southern California (USC), Tuesday-Thursday, July 21 – 24.

Conference highlights will include teachers already using games as well as game developers, publishers, consultants, analysts and faculty talking about their experiences with games in the classroom, games for home use and teaching students to design their own games.

K-12 teachers sharing their experiences will include:

* Marianne Malmstrom, Elisabeth Morrow School, discussing how students have used a virtual world to help their younger schoolmates adjust to middle school
* Peggy Sheehy, Ramapo Central, exploring why games engage us and how we can harness that engagement for K-12 learning
* Alice Keeler, Cal State Fresno, showing how to use Google Apps in the classroom

Educational software creators discussing their work:

* Justin Leites, Amplify, offering tips on how to improve the quality and quantity of voluntary, outside-the-classroom learning
* John Krajewski, Strange Loop, elaborating on the potential of game-based learning
* Ken Spero, Education Leadership Sims, sharing his thoughts on how simulations can help train and support school leaders
* Peter Stidwill, Learning Games Network, sharing best practices based on research on how games have been implemented to date in the K-12 classroom
* Jamie Anunzio-Myers, PBS, on services provided free to early learners over cable networks

University researchers will also present their findings:

* Zoran Popovic, University of Washington, talking about a worldwide math challenge sponsored by DARPA
* Girlie Delacruz, CRESST, explaining how game assessment can be done and how this data is furthering scientific research
* Chris Haskell, Boise State University, addressing how MMORPG mechanics such as leveling, skill-building and immersion in a virtual world can be applied to education

A pre-conference workshop on Monday, July 21 will offer hands-on instruction for teachers new to game-based learning.

For more information, check out the site: